They say a dog is a man’s best friend. This may be true for many people, but what about that other ‘traditional pet’, the cat? Cats have been pets for centuries – there are even statues of cats in Egyptian tombs. In fact, so revered were cats by the Egyptians, one of their Gods, Bastet, has the face of a cat.

Cats may not be droolingly adoring, but they do indeed love their families in their own, sometimes haughty way, and give just as much pleasure as their canine counterparts. Who can but help going “Aw!” at the sight of a kitten.

best cat blogs

We have singled out 51 of the very best cat blogs that every cat lover out there should follow. Some are witty, some are informative, while others just give some great advice on all things cat-related.

Love Meow


Love Meow is a blog dedicated to giving cats second chances by means of spreading the word on cats in difficult circumstances. They help cat rescue sites rezone cats, especially those needing special care. These include cats that have special needs e.g. that are blind or have lost a limb(s).

The aim of Love Meow is to help rescue organizations find forever homes for all cats that, in most circumstances, many people would not know or care about, while spreading awareness that all cats, no matter their circumstances, are lovable.

The Conscious Cat, by Ingrid King


Originally inspired by one of award-winning author Ingrid King’s cats, Allegra, who has since passed away, The Conscious Cat focusses on all things feline-related. This includes feline health, behavior, nutrition, and a host of others.

Added to the value of the blog are the quirky blogs on each of her cats, as well as the idea of consciousness in all things, getting over the loss of your pet, and even tips on human health.

Simon’s Cat, by Simon Tofield


An animated series by British animator Simon Tofield, Simon’s Cat features a cat and his quirks, most of which are aimed at getting his owner to feed him.

The series covers different aspects of owning a cat, mainly from the cat’s point of view with his owner, Simon, always taking second place in their ongoing war of ‘who is the boss around here’.

Glogirly, by Debbie Glovatsky


The award-winning blog focusses on the hilarious adventures of two cats and their owner written from a cat’s perspective as well as scintillating snippets about their lives from Debbie Glovatsky.

The site also focusses on product reviews presented by the two cats, giveaways, and advertorials, raising funds for homeless and abused cats and the organizations that rescue them.

Cat Faeries


Cat Faeries is the blog of a small green business devoted to all things cat related. The blogs include aspects such as cat behavior, training, toys, and health.

Cat Faeries conducts ongoing research into different aspects of cats in an effort to improve their lives, health, and general wellbeing by means of holistic, natural means.

Cat Behavior Associates, by Pam Johnson-Bennett


This blog sees well-known author Pam Johnson-Bennett give sound advice on anything feline related.

Topics covered by this author include such aspect as feline health problems, behavior basics and aggression, litter box issues such as the setup, cleaning, and dealing with your cat’s aversion to using it, training tips, and a host of others. Her aim is to ensure you have a healthy relationship with your cat while giving him the care he deserves.

Covered in Cat Hair, by Robin Olson


Covered in Cat Hair is one woman’s journey to save cats and kittens who are at risk of being put down in high kill shelters and keeping all felines off the streets. All this while dealing with eight cats of her own, trying to make her own way in the world, and trying to get her non-profit off the ground.

Sometimes funny, sometimes triumphant, and sometimes sad, the blog has something for everybody.

Purrfect Love


An online cat lovers and blogging community, Purrfect Love looks at making the life with your cat or cats an easier one.

Members blog about all aspects of living with a cat. This includes different home remedies, feline health, feline behavior, feeding your cat, and even feline breeding. Anything goes so long as it is cat-related. There is just one rule on this forum: no dogs are allowed!

The Cat On My Head by Janet Blue


This site is dedicated to Janet’s eight cats. It tells of their antiques and special quirks, and how it, and they, affects their human.

Each cat has their ‘own’ chance to blog, telling stories according to their point of view, and how they came to be a part of Janet’s household. Interspersed with poetry, whimsy, and cat portraits, the blog makes a great read.

Regina Cat Rescue


Regina Cat Rescue is a non-profit charity run by volunteers. A registered charity, their aim is to help abandoned cats and kittens while educating people on the proper treatment of cats.

An organization that facilitates adoption, they also participate in initiatives aimed at preventing suffering and overpopulation in the cat community. This is done by means of sterilization of abandoned and community cats as well as a trap, neuter, return and maintain program.

Just Cats, by Deb Steckly


Deb Steckly of Just Cats offers in-home cat care. As she loves taking photographs, particularly of cats and their shenanigans, she blogs about her own and other people’s cats, telling their stories with photographs attached.

But Deb does not only stick to taking care of her own cats and taking care of other people’s cats when needed. She also fosters cats that are in need.

C.A.R.E. - Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts


C.A.R.E is a non-profit organization. Everyone working for them are volunteers, dedicated to the rehabilitation, care, and adoption of cats and kittens that are rescued from euthanizing animal shelters.

All cats and kittens taken into C.A.R.E are evaluated to determine their suitability as pets and placed with foster families where their temperament and personality are evaluated. This makes placement easier, as their felines stand a better chance of finding forever homes.  Most placements end up as the ‘right fit’ for both the cat or kitten and their adoptive family.

The Dash Kitten Crew by Marjorie Dawson


Run by Marjorie Dawson, a jewelry creator and blogger, the Dash Kitten Crew write blogs that are aimed at educating people about the proper care of cats.

The educational, funny and entertaining blogs, posts and reviews all have their distinguishing features, as seen from a cat’s perspective. The blog has a worldwide following and offers a forum for all cat lovers, irrespective of where they are, to get in touch.  

Deziz World / The Life of Service Cats


The blog follows the life of Deziz, a rescue cat that went on to become a service cat, and her friends. Just like service dogs, service cats are not pets. They are animals that are specifically trained to perform certain functions for their owners who are disabled in some way.

Part of their training is to carry and fetch items, help calm someone who suffers from panic attacks, or even alert someone when they notice the onset of an epileptic fit.

Although these cats are imminently adorable, they have a very important job, i.e. taking care of their owner.

The Opinionated Pussycat by Kiril Kundurazieff


Writer, blogger and cat person Kiril Kundurazieff’s feline friends are definitely outspoken. Their blog posts are about their experiences, opinions, and observations of the world around them.

They take you on a journey of enlightenment, tinged with much discovery, of their world, often incorporating certain aspects of their individual and unique nine different lives.

Feline Rescue Cat Tales


This is the blog of Feline Rescue Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the adoption, sheltering, and fostering of cats.

The organization offers rescue and relief services to endangered cats, trying, as much as possible, to allow cats to stay with their families. They also supply medical attention, spay/neuter surgeries, and alternative sources of housing, i.e. in their shelter or by means of fostering while rehabilitating cats in order to have them adopted.

Many feral cats will never make good house cats, but they often do make great barn cats. This gives them the opportunity to live out their lives productively while being taken care of at the same time.

Bad Cat Chris, by Charles Huss


Bad Cat Chris tells the continuing story of Chris, a rescue cat, and the baddest cat their owners have ever loved. He picked his own owner who volunteered at an animal shelter and has been with his adoptive family ever since.

Frustrating to the extreme, he drives his owners to a perpetual state of exhaustion, while dishing out loads of love. His family would have him no other way.

Green Little Cat by Holly Tse


The blog is unique in that it is totally dedicated to greener living ideas for both cats and their owners. Green Little Cat covers a multitude of green topics, ranging from natural cat food reviews to green shopping, to eco-friendly cat toys, to environmentally friendly cat litters, to animal shelters that are eco-conscious. And this just covers a few topics.

The blog’s mandate is to green the planet. This is done one cat, and one cat owner, at a time. They offer simple suggestions that help you green not only your cat but the pet industry as well.

Kitty Desires by Ryan Heinrich


Kitty desires is a blog for like-minded people who also happen to be cat lovers. Its focus is on the best way to raise a cat and the foods that are suitable for them.

Giving good, factual advice, all aspects relating to cats are discussed, including, cat health, feline toys, and appropriate food. It also discusses the advantages of having outdoor cats and its benefits.

Riverfront Cats


A small non-profit operating in Miami, Florida, Riverfront Cats educates, raises awareness, and reverses the plight faced by many homeless cats. They do so by changing people’s misconceptions about stray and feral cats.

They have two functions. They educate people, and they rescue and see to the adoption of cats. The organization leads by example. They care for the cats in the neighborhood by means of trapping, neutering, returning, and managing them in the cats’ original area. They also feed them by means of donations.

Sandpiper Cat Blog, by Rachel Shubin



What started out as the pregnancy blog of a foster stray cat ended in tragedy and victory for a little cat who found her forever home.

Sandpiper was fostered by Rachel Shubin while pregnant. The young cat’s pregnancy ended in a miscarriage that threatened her life, and she had to undergo an emergency spay. Rachel nursed her back to health, and Sandpiper became a permanent fixture in the family.

The blog lives on, however, and focusses on cat stories, product reviews, book reviews, and giveaways.

Feline Behavior Solutions by Dr. Marci Koski


The blog of Dr. Marci Koski, a Feline Behavior and Training Professional, focusses on cat problems by means of certain fundamental animal behavior concepts that are specifically tailored for domesticated cats.

Her mission, with her blog, is to keep cats in homes and not abandoned on streets or in shelters due to behavior issues that are treatable. Her blog addresses the issues, allowing cat owners to better understand cat behavior and addressing the issues by encouraging more acceptable behavioral characteristics.

Cat Nutrition


The Cat Nutrition blog started out after a cat owner’s cat almost died due to digestive issues. The cat’s long walk back to health due to dietary changes resulted in an ongoing blog aimed at informing people of feline dietary issues and needs.

The blog now covers all aspects of pet care, including diet, illness and care, and tips on feline food preparation.

The blog also includes extensive sources and links to peruse and find out more about caring for your furry friend.

Little Big Cat by Dr. Jean Hovre


Dr. Jean Hovre is a holistic veterinarian, author, and cat lover. Her blog, Little Big Cat, provides insights to and educates cat owners on all aspects of feline living.

The blog focusses on cat behavior, holistic healing for cats, health, and nutrition, with a lot of other stuff added for good measure. These include ‘fun stuff’, a newsletter, eBooks on cats, and even an article library that makes finding information on a specific topic so much easier.

The Daily Cat


The Daily Cat is a blog wherein Carlos the Cat talks about and comments on his life and activities with his four servants. According to Carlos, they all live in a pretty nice house and his blog is about the troubles and woes a cat needs to go through to train his help.

Succinctly funny, immensely witty, The Daily Cat will have people giggling while nodding their head, going “Oh yes, I know that!”

The Hotel 4 Cats


The Hotel 4 Cats is a boarding facility for cats but with extra touches, such as extra petting and pampering, music to catnap by, and even a ‘Cat Palace’ for families with more than one cat.

The blog stories on this site are informative and cover many different aspects of cat care, including nutrition, grooming, and other handy advice.

The Owl House Cat Foster


At the Owl House, both seniors and landowners from the low-income groups are helped to catch, spay or neuter their resident outdoor cats.

When they encounter kittens and cats that are deemed adoptable, they go out of their way to find forever homes for them. In addition to this, they also foster and find homes for cats and kittens that other shelters are unable to accept.

The Purrfect Job by Alice Chau-Ginguene


Alice wears many hats. She is a Cat Sitter, Cat Behaviorist, founder of a number of non-profit initiatives for cat (Hungry Maow Cat Food Collection, “Your Car is TOO Hot” campaign and The Warmest Spot Cat Memorial), a member of a number of different cat societies (Pet Sitters International, Animal Behavior Society, International Cat Care), a member of the Irish Writers’ Union, and a Canine First Response Instructor.

Her work has appeared in such publications as Irish Examiner, Irish Mirror, and Dublin City FM.

Alice’s blog deals with different aspects of her job as a cat sitter and includes tips on traveling with pets, pet care, pet stories, and a whole lot more.

Cat Shaming by Pedro Andrade


Pet Shaming is a site where you can post pictures and comments on things your cat has done. It is normally not the great things they have done, but the less good things. 

You can sign up for regular feeds at no charge, and have a giggle when glancing at the antics other people’s cats get up to. Definitely good for a laugh.


Cat Stories and Poems


This is a blog for cat lovers and poets. The poems, of course, are about cats, as are all the stories.

For those who are writers and poets, you are free to post on the site. There is only one prerequisite – the topic needs to be cat -related.

Bruce the Cat


The blog of Bruce the Cat is the story of how Bruce was rescued from the rain where he was abandoned at one day old. His journey starts from the moment he is found, taking your through his progress, and his amazing color change.

Bruce has now written a book, with his human mother, documenting his life story so far.

Cat Lady in the Canyon by Pamela Knudsen


Pamela takes her 25+ years’ experience with cats and channels it into her blog, Cat Lady in the Canyon. Her aim, with the blog, is to entertain, educate, enlighten, and provide information on all feline aspects.

She covers topics such as different breeds, their behavior, ancestry, nutrition, care, and even anecdotes. It also helps that there are tons of cute cat pictures on the blog.

Kitty Loaf


Kitty Loaf is a site devoted to pet stories and product reviews. They also feature a ‘loaf’ (cat) of the day.

Topics covered are wide and varied, but incorporates cat toys, scratch poles, cat beds, cat feeders and cat fountains. The blog stories and articles also vary and cover anything from breed-specific information to tips on caring for your cat.

Chuffin Cat


Chuffin Cat is about the life of a huge Main Coon Cat and the things she gets up to. Added in are a few chickens on the side, a few humans, and tales and video clips of some kitty fun.

Followers of the blog are free to leave comments or ask questions.

I Have Cat by Tamar Arslanian


Single and a cat lover, Tamar created I Have Cat as a venue for like-minded people who adore cats.

The blog is full of interesting things about cats, such as how to treat fleas, medical insurance for cats, cat behavior, different cat breeds, tips on keeping you cat happy, and a whole lot more.

The Purrington Post


The Purrington Post is run by the very talented editor in chief Mouse. The blog is fun, informative, cheeky, and humorous.

The page celebrates all types of cats, and articles focus on lifestyle issues, feline stories, different cat breeds, feline funnies, and certain cat facts everyone who loves felines need to know.

Cat Breeds With Pictures


The site allows you to submit stories, share photographs, and get in touch with other cat owners. It also allows you easy access to information so that you can identify your cat’s breed more easily (if you do not know it).

The forum in the site is a great place for asking for and sharing information.

The Purry Buddha Catnips


The Purry Buddha site is all about cats and the people that just so happen to love them! It is filled with tips on looking after your furry friend, poetry, quotes, some solid, sound advice, and a section for ‘funnies’.

With spotlights on individual cats and even a Feng Shui section for you and your cat, it has something for everyone.

Catscapades by Patrica Fry


Patricia Fry frequently contributes to magazines and is the author of over fifty books, mostly about cats.

The blog is full of information about cats: cat news, cat health, cat care, cat habits, cat behavior, cat idiosyncrasies, and many, many cat books – all cat stories or cat mysteries.

Georgia Cat Speaks! by Mike and Judy Gordon


The author of this blog is Black Magic. He is charming, handsome, and more than a bit self-absorbed. A cat with many opinions that he does not hesitate to put down in writing, Black Magic, despite a good dose of feline arrogance, tends to be touched with a hint of spirituality.

But you can judge for yourself. His writing is a little tongue in cheek, with a huge dash of humor and a bit of sly allusion at times.

Meowtee the Cat Blog


Meowtee the Cat Blog incorporates all aspects of caring for your feline companion. It covers such aspects as grooming, food, health care, and even takes a look at activities and toys that are great for cats.

A nice aspect of the blog is the reviews section, where products are looked at and the pros and cons discussed.

Bionic Basil


Basil the cat tells the tales of his and his madcap bunch of fellow cats and their humans (all in the same home). They get into all kinds of escapades (there are seven felines in total).

Besides making mention of his and his fellow felines’ escapades, Basil and his cat crew also take the time out from their busy schedule in rural England to do product reviews, giving their honest feline opinions. by Ellen Pilch


The main focus of the blog is on a not so crazy husband and wife team and their family of fifteen cats.

Filled with photographs, snippets, and stories of their lives (mostly told from a cat’s perspective), the blog takes you on a journey of feline growth and discovery, with a good dose of human frustration thrown in for good measure.

Not So Young Cat by Christina Skylarina


The not so young cat that this blog is about is actually a grumpy old cat of sixteen who is very dissatisfied with his life (according to him). Leo, apparently, takes great delight in moaning about everything and putting his owner down every chance he gets.

Nothing seems to be exactly the way Leo the cat wants it.

Cat Living with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy


Cats, like humans, also get ill. In this case, the author’s cat had a heart condition. In honor of her cat, the author has continued this blog, sharing valuable information as to what to do when you have a feline with this heart condition.

Besides focusing on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the blog also looks at litter box issues, taking care of an ill cat, and a host of other subjects.

Perfectly Parker


The blog was started by Parker, a formerly feral cat that lived to the ripe old age of eight years but died as a result of feline cancer. It is carried on in his memory by his kitty siblings and canine pal.

The blog looks at the lives of this ‘mixed’ family, each family member’s idiosyncrasies, and how their family just seems to ‘work’.



The motto of wildrun is ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of loose cats’.

The blog owner is on a mission to save as many ‘loose’, aka wild cats in her area as she can. She then rehabilitates them, has them spayed or neutered, and finds them forever homes, advertising as wide as she possibly can in an effort to get her cats the best homes possible.

Her blogs are heartwarming success stories of cats that were wild now tamed and living as housecats.



Katzenworld is run by a group of cat lover friends. As all are interested in the wellbeing and care of their furry friends, the blog covers myriad aspects of feline ownership. Some things that are looked at include traveling with your cat, how to take the perfect photos of your cat, and a whole lot more.


Bella is a traveling cat. Her blog tells you about her journey throughout Europe with her two humans in a camper van.

Each blog post tells of her travels, the unusual places she encounters, and what life is like living in a camper. Every aspect needs planning, even where her litter box needs to go.

The 7500 Dollar Cat by Miz G.


Miz G. introduces the cats that have enriched her life, telling of each one’s unique little habits.

The blog also takes a look at different types of cat behavior and what they mean. Then there are also common health issues and how to deal with them, as well as a cat’s environment and diet. The blog is topped off with a section on cat accessories and a ‘hover bomb’ section sporting cat funnies.

The Itty Bitty Kitty Community by Laurie Cinoto


Laurie fosters cats and kittens, taking care of them while finding them new homes. She also does fundraising in aid of cats, has written a book on her Itty Bitty Kitty Community, and sees to the videos on the Itty Bitty Kitty Community’s Kitty Move Archive.

Have you found any of your favorite cat blogs on our list? Many of these blogs have common themes, but all of them have one thing in common: caring for cats and raising awareness in some form.

These blogs are all about cats. It may be stories about cats, raising awareness of the plight of certain cats, or looking after the health and wellbeing of our favorite pets. Do let us know if you think any other blogs should be added to our list or that need mentioning.


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