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Can dogs eat strawberries -are strawberries good for dogs

Spring is almost here and that only means one thing. The peak of the strawberry season is coming soon and I am thrilled! I like strawberry picking as an activity and April, May and June is the best time for it. That means fresh, sweet strawberries and a dozen jars of strawberry jam to last a lifetime.

But regardless of the season, it seems like our fridge never runs out of strawberry. My family loves it with chocolate on puff pastry.  I also like to make a smoothie out of it and a piece of banana. Now that I think of it, I realized there is someone who is not really fond of strawberries. That would be my dog Kirby.

Well, it’s not that he does not like the taste of strawberries. It’s just that I have never really tried feeding one to him. So I thought, maybe it’s time he gives it a try. Then again, “Can dogs eat strawberries?” My problem is that I’m not very sure if the canine appetite can handle strawberries.  So I did my research about it and came up with this article. I know there are others out there who have the same confusion as I do. So let’s start!

What You Need to Know About Dogs and Strawberries

Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen upon the arrival of spring. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one excited for this. Strawberries can be prepared in a myriad of ways. I like it as a flavour of my ice cream. I like it as a flavour of my yoghurt. I like strawberry shortcake and I love donuts with strawberry filling. I would plant a strawberry garden if I could!

Strawberries are one of my absolute favorites, not only because they are delicious. Strawberries are also very healthy. Eight pieces of strawberries alone can provide over a hundred percent of a child’s Vitamin C requirement. Eating strawberry also improves the health of our heart.

Furthermore, it has the ability to lower blood pressure, improve cognitive functions, reduce the risk of cancer or even reduce inflammation! All these they can do to the human body. But we’re not really in here to know whether strawberries are good for us humans. We want to know whether the fruit is good for our beloved canines. Before going to that, let us learn more about our dog’s appetite.

Dogs are not very difficult to feed. Also, their food palette has a wider range compared to cats. Why is this so? This is because dogs are opportunistic eaters in the past. Their prehistoric character is a scavenger because they have to survive and humans were not there to feed them when they go hungry.

What happens is that they eat whatever they can find. Even until now, their scavenger tendency shows up every once in a while. Dogs may not be known to be strawberry lovers but when you leave a piece of the fruit on their bowl, the possibility is that they are going to take it.

Also, dogs are omnivores who live on an animal and plant diet. They like to eat meat but they also take vegetables and fruits. However, this does not automatically mean that strawberries are good for them following the logic that strawberries are fruits and fruits are derived from plants. Case in point, grapes. Grapes are toxic to dogs and they are fruits. This means we really have to know the safe choices for our dog’s diet. Not everything we eat as humans are acceptable to dogs even though we are fellow omnivores.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Yes! The answer is yes. You can share some fresh strawberries with your pet dog. Strawberries are not only a delicious canine treat. It is also very nutritious. It is a great substitute to high-fat, high-sodium snacks some of us feed our dogs. But beware of strawberry syrup and strawberry and canned strawberry. Even though this is one of our favourite flavors, it should be avoided by canines at all cost. These are high in preservatives and we do not like that stuff for our dog’s food.

Other than that, there had been no documented reports about strawberries being toxic to dogs. It ican be a cause of allergies, though but they are very rare. And unlike other fruits with big seeds, it does not pose a choking hazard. Have you noticed the teeny-tiny seeds outside strawberries? Those would not hurt anybody in this world. Also, don’t you think it’s kinda strange that strawberry seeds are on the outside of the fruit?

Now that it has been established, you can now give your dog a tasty strawberry treat. But here are  some things to remember.

Strawberries should not be the main course for a dog’s meal. Strawberry is sweet and dogs do not deal well with too much sugar. Also, their bodies need high quality protein more than fruits. Strawberries are great just as a snack. If your dogs love them so much, learn how to say no after they have had enough.

Generally, dogs can tolerate strawberries. However, there may be some who may have a problem consuming it. To make sure that your dog would not fall sick after eating the fruit, it is advised to run a food trial. Begin with feeding your dog a small piece of strawberry. Gradually add the doses if your dogs are taking and managing the food well. Monitor your pet closely every time you introduce a new kind of food. Do not overwhelm them with large quantities at first try.

Health Benefits of Strawberries to Dogs – Are strawberries good for dogs? 

In general, fresh fruits are good when it comes to canine development, boosting their immune system, and helping our canines keep a healthy weight. It also helps maintain a healthy set of canine teeth. Let’s go over the details one by one.

  • Strawberries are a great source of potassium. If your dog has hypokalemia which refers to low potassium level in a dog’s body, strawberries can be of help. Potassium is a very important nutrient as it is responsible for stabilizing heart rate and keeping the normal level of blood pressure.
  • The fruit also carries magnesium. This nutrient is very important for proper heart function, muscle movement and nervous system signalling.
  • Strawberries also contain folic acid. Folic acid or Vitamin B9 is important in cell production and divides red blood cells from the bone marrow.
  • Not only that. Strawberries also contain fiber which we know is very good for the digestive health. Fiber is responsible for easy and regular bowel movements. With fiber, our canines can eradicate their bodily waste without experiencing pain may it be from constipation or loose stool.
  • Finally, a single strawberry contains omega-3 fats which is very good for the heart. Studies also show that there are a lot of other benefits aside from this including improving your dog’s coat, fighting arthritis, and avoiding other kinds of canine infections.
  • The fruit also contains enzymes which could help whiten our dog’s teeth. I mean, wow.

When are Strawberries Bad for Dogs?

As mentioned before, strawberries are only bad if they are not fresh. For example, processed canned strawberry of strawberries made to syrup form. But aside from that, there are times when even fresh strawberries can be bad for dogs, too. Strawberries should only be given to dogs in moderation.

How much is too much?

Half of one strawberry is good enough for dogs. Much more than that and your pet will probably have some tummy troubles. Also, try not to make strawberries an everyday treat especially if you give him more than what has been recommended.

As what was mentioned earlier, strawberries are full of natural sugar and dogs do not need sweets. They may be natural but still, a lot of it will not do our pets any good. It may give dogs some extra energy but too much of it is bad for Blacky’s health.

“Why? What will happen if I continue feeding strawberries to my dog and ignore your warning?”

Well, obesity is one. Sugar in strawberries can make your dogs gain a few more pounds if he is eating a lot of it in extended periods of time. A fluffy, chubby dog might be the most adorable thing in the world but do not cross the line between cute and unhealthy over-nourishment.

Strawberry toxicity or allergies

Even though strawberries are not dog poison, they must be fed to dogs in moderation. It may not be addicting the way tuna is to cats but we need to limit the strawberry intake of our dogs.

Anyway, there really is no such thing as strawberry overdose nut overfeeding is still a thing. And what happens when you over feed strawberries? An upset stomach, that is. Perhaps a painful stomach ache and several days of diarrhea. We do not want our dog to go through that, of course. So always exercise caution to avoid the consequences.

And here’s the thing. Some dog breeds are actually prone to strawberry allergies. My advice is to ask your vet more about this. Nothing is more reassuring than the words of a professional.

What To Do If Your Dog Ate Too Much Strawberries

If your dog accidentally finished off a bowl of strawberries which you meant to eat for yourself, do not panic. Your dog may be able to pass them.

However, it might be difficult for their digestive system as their stomachs are not accustomed to digest fruits and vegetables. They do not have the same level of enzymes human have to process plant-based food.

The outcome of the incident will still depend on how much it was that they ate and how big or small your dog is. If you are very concerned with what happened, the best thing to do is consult with your veterinarian and have your pet checked.

And oh. If you noticed that your dog is already suffering from strawberry overconsumption, do not feed them anymore of the fruit. That is fairly obvious but I guess that needed to be said.

How to Feed Strawberries to your Dog Safely

  • Strawberries are best served if they are fresh.

If you are growing organic strawberries on your garden or buying some from your trusted market, then that is good! If you’re getting it from a supermarket, then you should always clean it before consuming yourself or giving to your dog. There might be some chemical residues from insecticides and pesticides left on strawberry skin and we want to wash them off.

  • It is also advisable to cut it in smaller pieces for easier digestion!
  • If you have a blender, make a puree out of the strawberries and share it with your dog.

What About Chocolate Strawberries or Wild Strawberries?

Everything seems to have a strawberry flavour. If you are asking me if they are good for dogs, I say not really. Most of the time, strawberry flavoured something contains artificial flavors and preservatives which is not good for dogs. One example is strawberry yoghurt. Chocolate strawberries, too, should be kept away from canines because chocolates are not good for them.

How about wild strawberries?

Here’s the good news. Wild berries are very good! But do not forget to clean the fruit before giving some to your pet.

Can dogs eat strawberries: The Final Verdict

It’s nice to know that strawberries can safely be eaten by our dogs. However, we should remember that everything must be fed in moderation to avoid tummy troubles. And that’s it! I think we’re done here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have anything in mind that you would like to tell us, perhaps additional tips and advice you may want to share to your fellow dog owners, do not hesitate to comment below.

Also, if you know somebody who could use this information, simply click share and let the world know that strawberries are good for dogs.

For now, bye bye!


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