Dreams about cats, who hasn’t dreamt about them?

I dreamt about you last night
And today I would like to remember
How beautiful was that dream
That the morning wiped away

We guess many among you have but how many of you remember their dream? What did the cats look like? And what were they doing? Tough, isn’t it?

Cat dreams - what does it mean when you dream about cats?
Cat dreams – what does it mean when you dream about cats?

There is a science devoted to the study of dreams, oneirology. It attempts to translate them and endow them with meaning in each one of their versions.

Thanks to it, we know that “the dream’s substance is real, what is not real is the concrete image our mind chooses to convey the message.” Hence, everyone interprets dreams in its own way, and meanings differ from one person to another.

Indeed, having cat dreams will not be the same for a cat lover than for someone who is afraid of them. The interpretation of someone who dreams about a black cat won’t be the same when they have, previously and according to their beliefs, decided they are bad luck omens (just in case you are one of these, we open your eyes here).

Dreams about cats – Different cats, different dreams

Cats are, together with snakes, the main animals used to predict the future in the dream world. They are normally associated with women, sensuality, and passion and hence, many of these dreams are interpreted along the lines of love, attraction, and desire. There is also another path of representation that is targeted to the work and economic world.

Of course, not all dreams are the same when cats appear on the scene. Usually, a cat’s appearance tends to mean good luck and success in both our personal and working lives as long as the cat in our dream enjoys good health and is friendly. However, if this is not the case, there are different and less auspicious meanings:

If the cat meows

When a cat meows, something is wrong. It’s not hard to understand that the cat isn’t happy and needs something.

If the cat in your dream meows, there is something wrong in your life. It can be that you haven’t stopped arguing with a friend or a partner because of something you said and they didn’t like that much. Or it could be a colleague who is criticizing you behind your back, attributing your words and actions you didn’t say or initiate, only to hurt you.

Our advice is that you sort it out as soon as possible. Dreaming about a meowing cat is a bad omen. Remember that if the cat in your dream meows, someone close to you is betraying you.

If you are petting the cat

This kind of dreams has different interpretations depending on whether you get a pleasant sensation.

On the one hand, putting a cat in a dream shows that you don’t know how to approach the person you have a crush on. You wish to conquer their heart but have no clue about how to do it. Remember that you can achieve your goal; you just need to work a bit harder.

On the other hand, it can also mean excessive trust on someone who doesn’t deserve it and can end up fooling you. Let’s remember that when we pet a cat in real life, we are usually in a relaxed and trusting state of mind.

There are interpretations confirm that petting a cat is a clear sign that we are soon going to receive a lump sum of money. And we say, who wouldn’t want to have that dream every night?

If the cat attacks you

In this case, the cat represents your enemy. If you defeat it, it is an auspicious sign that you won’t find any trouble while overcoming the hurdles that are worrying you, whether they are the partner, work or family related.

On the other hand, if the cat defeats you, you need to think about changing the way you cope with your problems as you could even suffer money losses or witness your external image being shattered.

The attack can also have the interpretation that you are a person with many prejudices about society. Embrace change and try to be more accommodating and tolerant of other people.

If the cat scratches or bites

Quite similar to the former dream, it means that a big storm is approaching and somebody won’t think twice before stepping on your toes and taking all the merit.

It is a premonitory dream, so you better take matters into your own hands before it is too late. Watch your open enemies and thread carefully around false friends.

If you dream of several cats


This dream’s interpretation depends on what the cats are doing. It usually means that luck is on your side and that you will receive benefits at personal and work levels, as long as the cats appear happy and healthy while they are playing with you.

If you dream of several cats
If you dream of several cats

However, dreaming about many cats that walk around with no clear direction means that your own path lacks clarity of purpose and you better sharpen your focus.

If the cat is running away from you

If the cat flees from you in the dream or if it hurts you before leaving you, it means you are going to lose money. It can also be interpreted as future work problems.

If the cat is dead

The conventional interpretation of a dead cat dream is not very positive, as you can figure out. Its meaning can go from being very tired of being about to suffer a theft or a scam. Therefore, rest and keep your eyes open.

In a different version of this dream, you kill the cat. In this case, it means that you will get rid of your enemy.

If the cat is white

Dreaming with a white cat is interpreted as someone close to you that is doing you harm or is not being completely honest. It also has another meaning: it can imply that some of your plans to harm somebody will not reach a happy conclusion and will have negative repercussions at the economic level.

Don’t wish to others what you don’t wish for yourself.

If the cat is black

Alternatively, is the cat in your dream is black, you better take care of the love area. Usually linked to love, a black cat showing up in your dreams implies emotional problems such as cheating and betrayals.

We should stay alerted and never dismiss the possibility of the existence of a third person in our relationship.

If you dream about a kitten or kittens

Normally, this represents a child or someone who is feeling weak and that we must protect. This kind of dream varies a lot depending on our mood while in it.

Whether we were happy, sad, with a sense of loss, if they were in danger, etc. It can also denote your protective instinct or mean that you are awaiting the arrival of a new child.

If you dream about cat’s footprints

If you dream about cat footprints, watch out. Somebody is trying to hurt you but they aren’t very smart at it, and you could expose them.

You shouldn’t have any problems, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stay alert to our environment. The enemy is close by and is leaving a clearly visible trail.

If you dream about cat’s eyes

In this case, cheer up! It means you are going to find the solution to your problem. That one problem that is on your mind every day. All you need to do is to be positive because the end of the tunnel is near.

If you feed the cat

If you find yourself feeding a cat in your dream, it means that you are or will be unfaithful to your partner. The cat represents a new love interest, and feeding it is like feeling that new relationship. It can also mean that your economy will improve.

If the cat tries to enter your home

If a stray cat tries to enter your home, it is interpreted as someone trying to take something from you. Watch out, if the cat manages to get in your home, it could mean you are going to lose everything. Don’t be so trusting.

If the cat is dirty and emaciated

If you have dreamt about a dirty cat, brace yourself. It won’t be long before you get bad news about a relative or distant friend. It could be a disease or an accident that have taken them to the brink of death.

But not everything is negative: if you manage to make the cat disappear from your sight during the dream, it means that they will recover after a long convalescence period.

If the cat brushes past you

If the cat in your dream brushes past you, it means that you are in a state of dispersion at work. You have to “take the bull by the horns” and focus better to prevent future problems.

If the cat doesn’t just brush past you but it rubs against you, this translates as a close person that is looking to take advantage of you. Watch out for crawlers because they may end up backstabbing you.

If the cat is on your lap

On first sight, we could see this kind of dream as something positive, but it isn’t. That sort of dream is a signal that you will let someone influence you to take something that is not yours or to betray others.

If the cat is wild

If the cat in your dream is a wild cat, either you are not expressing your feminine side to the fullest, or you are at a time when you are looking to enlarge your social life or even to activate your sexual life. In this case, remember that you are not castrated and use protection.

If you dream about a cat and a snake

If the cat and the snake are getting along, brace yourself. You are right at the beginning of a period of great tribulation. Somebody will very likely try to fool you into telling them a secret that they can then use against you. The worst thing is you will find tough not to tell them.

As you can see, there are several interpretations for each dream, depending on our mood and the situation we are going through. The key element when you dream about cats is to analyze how you are feeling: if the dream was making you feel sadness, anxiety, fear, joy, and how cats behaved in it, whether they were aggressive, friendly, aloof, etc.

Once you have identified these elements, you should relate your real present problems and concerns to the dream to be able to get a glimpse of what is it that the cat in your dreams wanted to tell you.

And remember that, in general, dreaming about cats is synonym with good luck for every cat lover. What are you saying? Don’t you know whether you are a cat lover yet? We are sharing a post here that we wrote about the ten things that give any self-respecting cat lover away

So now that you know to go and dream big!


  1. I had a dream of many big cats surrounding me only they we’re laying down. One was a snow leopard and it purred and rubbed it’s face on me as to show love . I’m confused I felt at ease protected and empowered by the five different cats . Lioness .lynx.leopard . Snow leopard Jaguar. What does all this mean? Ty.

  2. Hi, I just woke up from a very bad dream. 😭 I killed my pet cat in uncertain reason. In my dream, I was determined to kill muning using knife. But even though I already stab him in the body, he was still alive so I slit his throat. Then when I was about to bury him, digging his grave, he still mananged to stand so I forced him to be buried. But a sudden realization and guilt overcome me and I felt like crying. That wakes me up. . .crying. What does it exactly mean??

    You say I will get rid of my enemy? I don’t have enemy. .

  3. I had a dream that there was a sick and dirty cat meowing infront of the back door of our house. I said I think someone should put it out of it’s misery. My brother pick up this cat and started stabbing it overs and overs.


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