A few months back we wrote a post about the things that single us out as cat lovers. Things to help us find and identify other ailurophiles among the general population. This time around, we wanted to go beyond a simple description, to discover the laws governing cat lovers.

The cat lover's 10 commandments. Source: image from: weneedfun.com
The cat lover’s 10 commandments. Source: image from: weneedfun.com

“I’m a cat lover” many of us would claim if asked. But does anyone know what rules we follow?  Is there a place or a book where all these statutes have been collected?

Here at Petazi we’ve been searching and searching and finally found the answer: there is nothing written down in this regard, that’s an urban legend. Many people think there is, but nobody knows for sure. And that’s why we’ve decided to gather together the rules that we believe govern the universe of cat lovers.

Here, we give you the cat lover’s 10 commandments:

1. Thou shalt love your cat above almost all other things

Only true cat lovers will understand that loving someone more than you adore your kitty is only possible if they are, at a minimum, a blood relative.

Source: image from wallpaperscraft.com
Source: image from wallpaperscraft.com

We’re talking here about parents and children, although siblings and grandparents might also make the mark. All other friends and family will forever be relegated to a status lower than our little friend when it comes to receiving our love and affection.

Cat lovers will always cherish their pet as an indispensable part of their close family and are willing to give up all manner of things for the pussycat.

2. Thou shalt respect their independence

If there is an animal which is easily identifiable as an example of independence, that would be the cat. Both words could probably be used as synonyms since it’s difficult to find a cat that does not require a certain degree of independence.

A cat lover is aware of this basic commandment and respects it to the letter. He knows that sooner or later, his cat will come back for the attention it craves.

3. Thou shalt cede your territory

Is there still anyone out there who thinks that he owns the cat? If yes, and frankly we highly doubt it, let us explain something fundamental: your cat rules the home; you just pay the mortgage.

Source: image from pexels.com
Source: image from pexels.com

Once a cat comes into your life, it becomes the owner of all you possess, including you yourself. Your bed, your sofa, your furniture,… everything belongs to the kitty.

You can fool yourself into believing that you’re the one in charge, but this would be as silly as believing pigs can fly. It’s easy: cat lovers know this and accept it without questioning.

4. Thou shalt worship your cat as the king of the house

You must respect your cat as the master of the house that he is. We’re not suggesting you bow down before him. Treating him with dignity should suffice.

Source: image from twitter.com
Source: image from twitter.com

Remember that we’ve already talked about who’s who at home; don’t forget – you just pay the bills! And remember too, do not subject your cat to too many changes around the home. Each and every millimeter of the house has been marked and your pet won’t be amused if you start changing things around or bringing home new stuff.

So now you know, if you bring a friend home, they’ll just have to bow down to the king. And not without good reason either, after all, the kitty is the lord and master of all he surveys.

5. Thou shalt not abandon your cat

This is perhaps the most important commandment of all 10.  A true cat lover would never abandon his cat.

Source: image from pinterest.com
Source: image from pinterest.com

For him, his little companion comes first, and it would never occur to him to get rid of his kitty. That would be akin to cutting off your nose. Now, we’ll concede it might just be possible to leave our feline for a few days at a relative or trusted friend’s house, or even – if absolutely necessary – for a trip or short vacation. But he never, never, never abandons him.

Just in case you do at some point need to leave him for a few days, here are some of the acceptable ways of doing so, within the cat lovers realm: what to do with your cat while on vacation.

6. Thou shalt help other cats in difficulty

When a cat lover discovers a struggling kitty, a particular substance is produced in the brain which, we believe, transforms them into superheroes able to resolve any problem or situation.  And we don’t mean that they’re suddenly wearing a cape, able to take flight. What happens is, it feels like the universe depends on them alone, that helping the troubled cat is their true mission in life.

Source: image from bianoti.com
Source: image from bianoti.com

A cat lover can unblinkingly watch news about humanity tearing itself apart but simply can’t bear to see a starving little helpless kitty.

7. Thou shalt not interrupt his long siestas

“It’s just that if the cat sleeps all day, we’re not going to get any peace at night” is the common phrase we’ve all heard at least once. What you need to know is that an adult cat spends 70% of his time sleeping, distributed over several naps throughout the day.

Source: image from twitter.com
Source: image from twitter.com

Indeed, by its very nature, the cat is more active at night than during the day. Waking it up so that it sleeps more during our hours of rest does nothing but go against the cat’s nature. If you want to be a good cat lover, respect your cat.

8. Thou shalt obey your cat at almost all times

Your cat knows very well what it wants. Odd though it may seem, he just knows. Whether he relieves himself outside of the litter tray, paws the water bowl, scratches the new sofa or mews around the house for no apparent reason, these are all simply different ways of asking us for something.

Source: image from flickr.com
Source: image from flickr.com

As a proud cat lover, you should know, or at least try to learn, what it is they are telling us.  If we’re able to “obey-understand” the majority of their demands, then our relationship with them will improve significantly.

The only thing we shouldn’t give in over is when it comes to the veterinarian. Though we know full well they don’t like it, consider it a necessary evil.

9. Thou shalt take care of your cat as you take care of yourself

Sweetie, darling, honey, love,… are words associated with our kitties that show our love for them and demonstrate the close relationship we have with them. This being so, is it not logical to want the same things for them as we hope for ourselves?

Source: image from trackimo.com
Source: image from trackimo.com

A real cat lover fulfills this commandment to perfection, giving their cat all that is good for their health and growth.

They usually buy the food they know is healthy and which the cat likes, as well as a little treat to liven things up.

They buy toys or even make them their selves, to keep kitty active and playful, and bond further with the little pet.

They pamper their kitty just as they would like to be pampered them self.

They speak lovingly to their little friend, although this last one usually depends on how well it’s behaved.

10. Thou shalt cry for your cat once he’s gone

When the time comes, this will be one of the most difficult moments of the cat lover’s life.  Our dear friend is gone and will inevitably be missed for months, if not years or even a lifetime.

Source: image from volvoab.com
Source: image from volvoab.com

Many cat lovers attest to having the feeling their pet will suddenly appear at any moment, just as they open the door to the house.  If any of you are currently going through a similar situation, we want to remind you that you’re not alone. Here are some tips to help cope with the loss: how to get over the death of a pet.

So there you have it, the 10 commandments that we believe every cat lover should obey. Of course, we’re not foolproof and might have made mistakes along the way. Therefore we’d like to suggest something to all our readers. We want this post to be taken on board by all cat lovers and for you to customize it to your situation.

Just leave your comment below if you think we’ve missed an important commandment or if you’d change any of those already here. We promise to review the article and add in whatever the majority of readers recommend.

These 10 rules could, however, be summed up in a single one: Thou shalt love your cat as you would have others love you. So now you know, if you want to be a real cat lover you must respect these wonderful little beings that are our cats.


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