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Can cats eat cheese? Is cheese bad for cats?

Can cats eat cheese
Can cats eat cheese? Maybe you have never thought about it. Perhaps you have already tried feeding it to your cat without ever actually thinking whether it is good or bad for them. Or maybe you know the answer and just want to clear your head with an explanation. If so, you are in the right place. Most cats are...

Can Cats Eat Catnip? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Can cats eat catnip?
Cat-owners like me are always worried about what is good and what is not for our pet. By bringing a kitty and raising it at home, we fully acknowledge that we are responsible for his well-being. Being in charge of another life is at times stressful, but because we love our pets, we get to enjoy it at the same...

Can cats eat eggs? Here is everything you need to know

Can cats eat eggs
Imagine this. It has been a very busy week. You barely even have the time to get a full 8-hour sleep. You’re always hurrying yourself in the shower, trying to catch that 7 o’clock bus. Just when you’re about to step out of the door, you hear little Clawsby purr. Uh-oh. It looks like you almost forgot to leave something...