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New York Recently Passed a New Law Permitting Pet Owners to REALLY Rest in Peace

animals to be buried alongside their owners
New York state laws were respectfully adjusted recently in order to eternally accommodate people and their pets. That's right! Among the latest laws on the books is one that allows animals to be buried alongside their owners. This is a big deal for pet people, as according to the state's Association of Cemeteries, the practice was not allowed anywhere in New York...

We’re On the Wrong Path to Losing Two-Thirds of Our Wild Animals By 2020

we are on track to lose two-thirds of wild animals
According to a recent alarming report, the total number of wild animals living here on Earth will decrease by nearly two-thirds by the year 2020. That is, unless immediate and effective action is taken to prevent it from happening. In fact, this is a serious situation for every living thing on our planet, as the extinction of animal species slowly...

14 Wolves Released In Renowned Park With Remarkable Results

how wolves change rivers
Back in 1995, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in collaboration with Canadian biologists made a rather risky move. They captured 14 wolves in Canada and relocated them to Yellowstone National Park. What made this newsworthy is the fact that wolves had been extinct in Yellowstone since 1926. The results were more remarkable than anyone could have ever imagined! Over the...