Found alone wandering the streets of San Jose, California when she was only 2 weeks old, it seemed like the poor little kitten called Rosie had already given up on life.

Rosie, the funny kitten rescued by huskies now thinks she’s one of the pack (source: The Dodo)

Luckily, she was brought to a woman named Thoa Bui, who had been known for rescuing animals.

Yet, despite all of Bui’s attempts to care for and feed her, the kitten was not eating or really responding at all.

That is until one of Bui’s dogs; a dynamic husky named Lilo, got involved and decided to help out!

Lilo stepped in and basically volunteered to be a mother to Rosie.

Somewhat surprisingly, yet somehow naturally, Lilo stepped in and basically volunteered to be a mother to Rosie.

Immediately, the tender kitten began to heal and adjust to her new world and adoptive mother. Bui states that amazingly, “She started feeding after a couple hours of just cuddling.”


Rescued and fostered animals often live with other breeds and even species in the house where they are taken in.

Therefore, they must learn to get along, and that was no problem in this case.

It’s more proof that different animals can befriend and tend to one another, even cats and dogs.

Rosie has also bonded with Lilo’s brother and sister, Miko and Infinity.

Animals do have a tendency to help out other furry critters in need. This is often true even if the animals aren’t from the same litter, or are an entirely different species.

Surely that’s what happened for Rosie the cat, who was in such bad shape upon being rescued that she could barely eat, but is doing much better now.

Rosie has adopted most of the huskies’ mannerisms

It’s been nearly 2 years since their vital bond began, and they say Lilo and Rosie are still inseparable.

Being ‘raised’ by the Siberian husky has certainly left a lasting impression on Rosie, perhaps leading her to wonder whether she is a cat OR a dog.

Either way, at least she’s happy, healthy, and no longer heartbroken today!

If you can’t help falling in love with these sweet furry friends, feel free to share the story. Love is in the air!


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