Rose Larson

Hello! My name is Rose and I am a proud cat-person! I’m sure I’m not the only one, though. It has come to my attention that approximately 35% of all the households in the US have a pet cat in their home. That means there are a lot of people out there who share the same sentiments towards cats as I do. Because why wouldn’t they? Cats are the most adorable creatures in the face of the earth and I love them so much.

However, I have come to realize that in taking care of kitties, love is simply not enough. As responsible cat-owners, we are responsible for our cat’s health and their over-all wellbeing. We need to be informed of what is good and bad for our pets especially about what they eat. Food is a very important discussion area when it comes to pet care. Giving our pets the right kind of food should always be a priority. But it is more complicated than that. We also need to learn the why’s, how’s, when’s and not just the what’s. I hope we’re on the same page here.

I am no veterinarian. I am also not a certified cat dietician or nutritionist. This is my full disclosure. But I do a lot of good research to keep my cats into the good stuff and away from all the junk that may cause little Felicity some tummy aches. And aside from giving her the tickles and the cuddles, that is how you show your pets how much you care.

There are a lot of you who seem to be in need of some advice on your cat’s diet and I totally get you. Cats are possibly one of the most finicky eaters I know. The fact that their digestive track works differently than that of ours makes everything so much more confusing. That is why I took the liberty of building this place – a plethora of articles about cats and their appetite for different kinds of food.

I made this website not only for me but also for the benefit of other cat-parents. I do hope you get the information you need from here. I also wanted to connect the different cat-owners and communities all over the world and be able to create a forum as to better understand our cat’s needs. My mission is to establish a cloud base where all cat owners will be able to relate on stuff with regards to taking care of cats. Everything I learn, I share with you guys!

If you are a cat-person just like me, I hope you spread the word and tell them that they could visit this place anytime cat-related confusion arises. You could even share any content with credits to this site for free! So I hope you enjoy going through the things I have here for you.

Thank you so much for listening to my narrative. I wish your cat good health and a long life (for all nine).

This is for everyone who has a soft spot for cats!