Tami Williams

I believe that living with a dog is a truly rewarding experience. Personally, I love it. However, I’ve been noticing more and more owners who find it difficult to appreciate their dogs, because the canine doesn’t listen to them or because they’re “misbehaving”.

In reality, dogs don’t ever misbehave, the problem is that our social standards are not the same as theirs.

They behave like dogs, which is what they are after all, and to us this can prove problematic: they bark, bite, complain when we leave them home alone … Understanding the origin of their behavior and finding ways to adapt our lifestyle is the key to a happy co-existence. But we need to learn how to do this properly, in order to keep the animal’s welfare in mind at all times.

Anyone who is willing to follow the advice of a professional will be able to train their dog. And once you set the ball rolling, there’s no turning back because you’ll discover only benefits, both for you the owner and for the dog.